100L 120PSI 12V ATV Garden Weed Sprayer Spot Spray Tank

12V Garden Sprayer 100L Tank, 120 PSI
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This 100L High Pressure Garden Sprayer Tank will keep your lawns and gardens healthy and green. Spray and water your garden with this 100L 120 PSI High Pressure Garden Sprayer Tank. This comfortable sprayer is an efficient way to spray evenly in an easy to use design. Water the garden, spray herbicides, pesticides and fertilise plants and protect them from insects. Can also be used to sanitize livestock and prevent epidemic outbreaks, or use detergent and solvents for spray cleaning around the home and garage.

The sprayer features a white transparent tank that allows you to see the level of liquid, it holds a capacity of up to 100 litres. With the max flow of 5.5 litres per minute and a 120PSI pressure, this garden sprayer is ideal to cover a good amount of garden quickly and efficiently. As easy it is to use, it is easy to fill with its large tank opening with the diameter of 11cms.

Durable and compact, this pressure sprayer is the ideal solution to all your cleaning and outdoor needs

*Note : Battery & charger not included.


the CZ-100 is ideal for large-scale spray applications.
Mounts to any all terrain verhicle (ATV). Connect to 12 battery on ATV.
The pressure activated diaphragm pump produces a smooth flow from the tank.
The tank is manufactured from special chemical resistand polymeters for extra long life.
It can be used for spraying fertillizer, weed killer, de-icer and ethlene glycol products.


 Boom                                                              70L Garden Sprayer Tank                    Pump for  100L Sprayer 


Runs dry without damage
Smooth silent operation
Automatic switch built-in, Motor doesn’t run while hand level is released,
to save water and no damage to motor
Self priming pump
Lower power usage
Capacity : 100L
Hose : 10m
DC cable length : 3m
Power Supply : 3m wire harness with battery clips
Pump : DP-120 (120PSI)
Max Flow : 5.5L/ min
Tank dimensions : 92 x 39 x 51cm
Net weight : 9.8kg
Gross weight : 13.9kg

Duty Cycle : intermittent
100L tank with 12V DC pump
10m High pressure spray hose
Aligator clips electrical cable
Spray lance
Triple spray nozzle
Straight head Gun
2x Ratchet Strap Sets